Honey has been a treasured treat for millennia, which is why we treat our honey sourcing with great respect. From responsible sourcing to careful management of facilities and processing procedures, we ensure each of our products is pure, high quality, and handled with love and care.


Our approach to procuring honey means staying close to the natural rhythms of the season in each geographic area from where we source. We offer fresh, seasonal honey procured after careful testing and sampling from our travel team. We equip our honey sourcers (which includes us too) with portable imported test kits to assess quality right on site. Our high quality Kashmiri honey and raw Acacia honey is procured from Kashmir and Kashmir alone. We treat each of our products like the unique, natural gift that it is.

World-Class FACILITY

In transporting, we make sure to limit exposure to sunlight in order to keep the properties of the honey intact and ensure the highest nutritional benefit and the most nuanced flavour profile. After our pure honey is brought from far flung locales across the North Indian subcontinent, the extraction of Beelicious honey is carried out in a new contactless manner as we use new technology extractors.

This keeps the properties of honey intact while we also keep it free from any contamination since we do not squeeze out the bee frames manually. Beelicious honey is then transferred directly to the processing unit using a contactless method. This is a one-of-a-kind, state of the art processing plant with the latest technology that has just been imported into our manufacturing facility.

The result? Purified and filtered honey that is kept as close to nature as humanly possible. This is further enabled by our latest processing technique - wherein our honey is processed at only 40 degrees Celsius, and not at the usual 65 - 70 degrees Celsius. This approach carefully preserves the vital, nutrient rich enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that give honey its powerful therapeutic benefits.

We thus make sure that the very purpose of consuming honey is not defeated by wrong processing methods. Our facility, has been set up to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. We take into account every possible detail; and it's our obsession with quality that lets the natural purity of our products shine through.