Honey Facts


Our "Beelicious" Honey is pure, high quality, and packed with powerful health "bee-nefits." It's also naturally sweet and delicious without any adulterants or sweeteners like corn syrup or sugar, so you can indulge in confidence!

Read on for more insight into nature's natural sweet treat.
Honey Health Benefits

Why Honey?

Sure, honey is all natural, but it's still a hefty source of sugar, right? Unlike table sugar and the foods that contain it, honey isn't simply a source of "empty" sweet calories. Simple sugar provides no nutritional value, and creates a sugar rush…and sugar crash. Honey, while still a sweet treat to be used in moderation in a healthy diet, contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids in every single bite.

Our process of harvesting raw, all natural honey and then processing it at only 40 degrees, preserves these powerful nutrients, making our honey a potent treat for the health conscious.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, nothing's finer than nutritious, delicious honey, and honey also adds value in the following ways:

Honey Diet for Weight Loss

Wise Weight Control

Our honey is totally pure and free of any corn syrups or added sugar that can tamper with weight loss plans. Let a honey sweetened drink satisfy your sweet tooth without the empty crash of white sugar. Try our Beelicious minty lemon cooler from the recipe section. Switch to Beelicious for a month and experience the difference.

Honey Diet for Weight Loss

Natural Hangover Helper

If you play too hard on the weekend, combat the effects of alcohol indulgence with our Beelicious honey remedy. Honey is not only easy on the stomach, it also contains natural fructose, which speeds up the oxidation of alcohol by the liver and helps your body bounce back after a long night out.

Honey Diet for Weight Loss

Delicious Detox!

Daily doses of honey dissolved in warm water can help to flush toxins from your body by regulating your digestive movements. In addition, honey can help hydrate your colon while introducing "friendly" probiotic bacteria that can

Honey Diet for Weight Loss

Brain Boost

Honey contains pinocembrin, a unique enzyme found in only a handful foods, that can boost memory function and prevent cellular loss within the brain.

Honey Diet for Weight Loss

Fatigue Fighter.

Honey dissolved in warm water or green tea sipped throughout the day will keep you hydrated and charged up with energy giving carbohydrates. Skip the afternoon coffee for a natural honey high!

Honey Diet for Weight Loss


The National Honey Board suggests a dash of honey in your bottle of water for help with muscle recovery and energy during your workout. Raw honey in particular is a fantastic source of carbohydrates to pair with post workout protein supplements.