Beelicious Brand Promise


Since we began work on our first honey product, LivRite has adhered to a few core principles. These principles will never change. At LivRite, we pledge to always :

  • Create the finest quality products.
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Educate the marketplace about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Continuously improve as a company and as individuals.

About Livrite

LivRite is an emerging company that offers the best in premium nutrition products designed to optimise your health. Our goal is to help you live as healthy a lifestyle as possible with the knowledge that you're consuming the most quality-centric products in the market today. LivRite began out of a simple idea - why did no manufacturers offer a honey product containing 100 percent honey? A natural resource with countless health benefits, it didn't seem fair that most honey products sold commercially contained additives like added sugar, corn syrup etc. As a result, we made it our mission to produce a truly pure, natural brand of honey. And that's exactly what we did.

Today, LivRite offers a variety of different honey products. All our products are 100 percent pure and natural, and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with honey all over again.


At LivRite, our focus is on maintaining customer satisfaction and trust by consistently delivering delectable and premium products that have a perfect blend of quality as well as cost, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and striving for continuous improvement and innovation.


LivRite's ultimate goal is to become the market leader in premium quality food products. However, our larger vision is to educate the community about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of honey and other nutritional foods that we wish to introduce soon. We want to create a marketplace of educated, health-conscious customers that engage in long-term relationships with LivRite.

We believe in investing back into our consumers by welcoming their feedback and producing products that are even better than what they are used to loving and sharing already.

management team

There are two pillars on which LivRite will build its success in the coming years. The first is in providing products that have not been seen or tried before. To that end, we are attempting to infuse elements of international lore into our product offerings with a dedicated team of reputed culinary experts to help us. Our second pillar is to build upon products that already exist, but have no universal standard for purity and quality.

As we have done with honey, we hope to apply our endless pursuit of perfection to create a new standard that will stand for generations to come.


Young, enthusiastic, and with many feathers in her cap, Kayan Motashaw brings health knowledge and entrepreneurial instincts to LivRite. She holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a master's degree in entrepreneurship from the S.P. Jain Institute of Management. Kayan has completed advanced training and certification programs in digital marketing, branding, safety, and hygiene, as well as 'FSSAI Food Guidelines' and 'Internal Auditor FSSC 22000' within the retail industry. Having conducted three years of research on honey and beekeeping, she is ready to take LivRite to the next level.


An entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Rumi Motashaw brings a wealth of business experience to LivRite. Rumi is a risk-taker by nature, but always comes out on top due to his analytical acumen and strong financial knowledge. As one of the founding members of LivRite, Rumi believes that premium nutritional foods are the wave of the future, and he intends to position LivRite as a leader in this industry.